Watch Black Men Being Shot for No Reason _ Tyrone Smith _ Black Lives Matter


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Tell me it isn't true!!! The comments I read are outrageous. Finding any excuse for another black man murdered by police to be ok. Where is Shaq now? Mad at Colin but can't say nothing about lives being snatched without punishment! Where's Ray Lewis now? "All people value all lives" is the safest political thing you can say when cops kill unarmed men day after day after day after day? If I lose fans for loving the color of my skin and speaking out on those who wish to kill us off, then I never had those fans to begin with. My heart hurts man, sick of people negating the reality of blacks and many other minorities not being seen as humans. #Repost @treysongz #itstoomuch #blacklivesmatter #WeAllCan

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All around the world same song
All all around the world same song