I Know Its Early..

I just ran into a post office to have something metered and mailed, looked over and noticed father’s day cards; looks like the postal service has found another revenue stream lol.. That said.. It brought a quick thought to my head. “Who or Where would I be if I didn’t have a father?” “What important values or lessons would or wouldn’t I have learned?"  My step dad is has a huge effect and influence on me, i get to see it everyday. He’s most likely solely responsible for my "logical thinking” abilities, as to that was never natural for me especially with the fact that I’ve always had a artistic viewpoint and that is often more “dreamy or lofty” rather than “logical”.. Anywayz.. I just had a moment of extreme gratefulness for the father figure I’ve had in my life, because I know that sometimes we all need these small reminders of things we may not think about daily..  #Grateful

Tyrone Smith, Dewayne Jackson, Darren Jackson _ Father's

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