Interviews & Commercials – Tyrone Smith


First off let me wish you all a Happy Summer!  The sun has a way of making everything better or at least hotter : )

Speaking of “hot” the new EP “Ready or Not This Party’s Hot” is out and doing very well! Much appreciation to you all for the amazing continued support; because none of this is possible without you!

There are alot of exciting things happening and with things expanding and growing here’s a chance to get to know Tyrone Smith more with a new interview conducted by  Click the photo to check it out!

And there’s more.. The amount of radio stations playing the new music by Tyrone Smith are increasing rapidly on a daily basis; and while you get to here the tracks played, you may also hear different commercial promoting “Ready or Not This Party’s Hot” like this one below!

Tyrone Smith Ready Or Not This Partys Hot 35 sec spot BOOSTED VO by Tyrone Smith

We hope all is well and positive with all of you & appreciate you taking the time to stay up to date and involved in the forward progression and journey for Tyrone Smith!

                                                                                        – MUCH LOVE!

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