March Update


So its been quite a hectic month for me, which has made me even more
grateful for all the support I have received from you guys’. I am
writing not only to continually show thanks for your involvement in my
stride towards spreading good music, but also to share (above) what
that support has actually help accomplish as well as share yet another
opportunity to allow this team support effort to accomplish yet another

There is a quickly growing online radio source called
that allows you to pick or create your own station with your favorite
artist and it will stream their music as well as throw in an artist or
two that they feel you might like in relation to your choices.. The way
I see it.. There’s no reason why I shouldn’t be one of those relative
options being thrown around into strangers mixes to enjoy 🙂 But as
always.. I need you guys to help put me there.. All i need is for you
to click “rate” when you visit Please share this with your;(btw i hear this site hasn’t been blocked yet by most corporations, so
u can still enjoy while on the clock 😉 shhhh….don’t tell “the Man”

My goal is rally a 1 to 5 thousand rates in the next week to show
that there is no good reason for me not to be in constant rotation 😉
That said I can’t wait to write the new Note about how we got this
newly posed goal accomplished! YES WE CAN!! 😉

If you Haven’t Already…. Don’t forget to come join the club at

Thanks for Everything,

I hope all is well and positive with you and yours!

-Tyrone Smith