Peeking into Tony Bennett the Artist – Tyrone Smith

Initially I scrolled past the new addition on Netflix entitled “The Zen of Bennett” mostly because I quickly gazed at the ratings previous viewers had given for the documentary were giving the impression that it was sub-par; However, I am delighted something within me encouraged me to look past my fear of being disappointed to realize that at the very least there in front of me was a rare opportunity to get a peek into the creative process and mind of not only Tony Bennett but other legends involved in the album being documented.

Documentary_Tyrone Smith_The Zen of Bennett

As an artist myself I find it increasingly beneficial to have accessible to me the ability to truly get insight on people, places or even things captured in there moment, rather than history books telling us from the perspective of the author how things worked. I have fallen in love with documentaries in recent and with that have such an immense gratitude for living in a time of such a resource to pour the wisdom and inspirations of the past to help me mold my future – Tyrone Smith

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