Pretty Cool.. (Playing It By Ear UPDATE)


So.. “Playing It By Ear” is being re-released with 3 other albums by Allegro Media Group, They’re new catalog was just recently released and inserted in the email is the page. Out of the four albums, including mine, two of the others are by artist I’ve been lucky enough to work with and also idolize: Bernard “Pretty” Purdie (w/ Reuben Wilson, Grant Green Jr., & Bill Easley) & and Rodney Jones.

Allegro Media Group Catlog _ Tyrone Smith

I am excited to continue to be grouped with such legends as such and proud that this project has turned out the way it has. Additionally, the album has been added to and will be actively tracked on its play and receptive fan viewpoint, so don’t hesitate to share with others and chime in on how you feel about the music!

Hope all is well & Wishing all a Wonderful Holiday Weekend!

Tyrone Smith _ Headphones

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