Stay Positive! ¡Mantente positivo! Se mantenha positivo!


Do everything possible to move past anger or negativity and fill life with positive energy!
¡Mantente positivo! Se mantenha positivo!
📸  Jeffrey Mosier Photography  ⬅️



G E T I N T H E G R O O V E series




Though We will have much guidance and inspiration in life, what we do with that guidance and with that inspiration is ultimately up to Us. It is at once an awesome responsibility and a blessing of the most profound and unlimited proportions. No matter where you may be, it is always within your reach!


Stop to Fail Go to Prevail

If we are always willing to to make one more attempt, We can reach whatever goal we chose.
THE ONLY FAILURE is When you stop making the Effort.
#nevergiveup 😎✌️

Easier to Say then to make a Way..

Everything is easier said than done!
But just because something is difficult to do, doesn’t mean it is impossible. Yes..It will take time, effort, commitment, decisiveness and persistence. And it will be worth all that and more 😊

#‎NeverGiveUp‬ ✌️

Muisc Producer, Social Influencer and Celebrity Tyrone Smith in Manhattan NYC photographed by Mark Luckasavage

📸 Photo Shot by: ‪Mark Luckasavage

Tyrone Smith

Problems are for Breakfast..

Let the comments, dramas and situations come and go as they will. Through it all, offer your own enthusiastic energy to life!
“Expect problems and eat them for breakfast.”

‪#‎PositiveVibesOnly‬ 😊✌️

Captures and Cappuccino..


Cappuccinos after a Dope morning of shooting with #MarkLuckasavage!


Be Thankful

Be Thankful_ Tyrone SmithTo accomplish, to succeed, to get from here to there, you must go through some difficult and challenging territory. The challenges will be substantial enough on their own. There’s no need to make them worse by adopting a negative attitude toward them. There are simply things you must do, things you must endure. Get them done. Get through them. Don’t get caught up in assigning negativity to them.