wow..  TUPAC  …  SO much respect for who and what this dude really was, Unfortunate that he was never really able to shed the overwhelming negative connotation he had against him. I woke up today at 4am.. Couldn’t sleep due to a bad dream i was having.. The dream was bad, but it was real.. scary real dream that showed me a perspective of who WE are that scared me. I woke with the desire to post a Facebook status “It saddens Me How Selfish We are as a Society” … I stopped myself as I usually stop myself before posting a status to ponder my current thoughts a little more deeply.. somehow.. I stumbled in my sleepness onto this video that inspired me more than anything has in a Long time.. simply.. amazing..

“We have to be more compassionate”

“…I would have to change the world or be changed by the world..That said.. I’m not guaranteeing I’m gunna change the world, but I guarantee I will spark the brain that changes the world"  -Tupac