Usefulness of Frustration

Learning to take advantage of negative feelings or scenarios to me is the most secret and deadliest tools in the Entertainment Business.. To often negative things are going to happen, be said or construed even by those with whom you find dear.

Use Frustration as a Motivator, Use it to Get where You Wanna Go instead of Staying where You Don’t Wanna Be

Creating an innate determination within ourselves to always and continue to prove opinions that differ then whats congruent with our dreams and desires is VERY healthy and Extremely Motivating if we can find it deep within ourselves to never let any of the negative energy to cause a misstep or hinder our positive progression!

Never Turn Our back when Things are Going Tough, Strive Hard to Earn it Rough

Stay away from ever desiring shortcuts, there is so much to be learned and absorbed through the journey that is meant for Us. Stay Steady, Stay Strong and Never Stagnant 🙂


Choose to Let the Obstacles Inspire You, Not Stop You.